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Engineered, Mixed and Produced by Arjun

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Tributes to Adam


Fountains of Wayne - Self-Titled Debut Album (1996)
Arranged and Performed by The Still Out


Fountains of Wayne - Sky Full of Holes (2011)
Modern Secrets - Road Song (FOW)Artist Name
00:00 / 02:39
Arranged and Performed by Modern Secrets

The Still Out

Written and Produced by Arjun Agerwala and Josh Stoddard
Performed by Josh Stoddard, Arjun Agerwala, Mikey Jones, Matthew Sumrow
With Adam Franklin (Swervedriver)

Modern Secrets

Music by Arjun Agerwala; Lyrics by Lou Probes
Produced and Engineered by Arjun Agerwala
Performed by Arjun Agerwala and Lou Probes
With Brian Young (Fountains of Wayne, Jesus and Mary Chain)
With Mikey Jones (Swervedriver, The Lemonheads)
With Jody Porter (Fountains of Wayne)
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